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Health and Harmony was created out of the passion to deliver quality aesthetic dermatology and acupuncture. On August 2008, Dr. Bombit and Mae Sison, newly wed that time, decided to finally live that passion together and open their clinic at the third floor of an old, nondescript building along Matalino St. Using only their wedding money and a small loan, they were able to put up a small clinic, with only two derma beds and 1 acupuncture bed. As time passes, their patient base grew and increased mostly by word of mouth. Because they treat their patients with utmost care and maintain a very friendly and personal approach, clients, to their delight and satisfaction, keep on coming back, even with referrals. In 2011, seeing their potential and dedication on their field, a friend offered a bigger and a newer space in their newly acquired building where the clinic is transferred and located up to date.

For almost a decade now, Health and Harmony is entrusted the care of hundreds of satisfied customers who confidently look and feel their best inside out. Drs. Bombit and Mae’s advocacy is that beauty and health is for everybody and people should be able to afford the beauty they deserve and the health they rightfully own without much burden of the cost but not compromising quality. Through the years, Health and Harmony, continuously deliver its unparalleled excellence in refining beauty, improving health and touching lives.

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